Vegetarian challenge

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Hello everyone,

April was my challenge month related to food. I’ve wanted to reduce the amount of meat in my diet for a long-time, but I could never realise this, until one day that I was scrolling trough my facebook feed and I saw a few very shocking videos of a slaughter house. This impressed me a lot and made me think about the meat industry and eating meat. In this article I am going to tell you everything about my vegetarian month, the reasons behind this and why I think everyone should give it a try.

Shocking videos

As I told you, the inspiration behind this challenge month was a video from a slaughter house in Belgium. In the video, you saw the poor animals being led to their last moment of life in a very cruel way: they got hit and beaten and you could just see the stress and fear in their entire bodies. This impressed me so much, that my appetite disappeared. Of course, I knew these cruelties happen to animals that are raised for the meat/food industry, I knew the facts and the sad truth behind the piece of steak on my plate, but the thing that held me back from reducing my consumption was the fact that I wasn’t confronted with the reality of how these animals are treated.

For the ones with a brave heart, the video is here. (THIS VIDEO CONTAINS SHOCKING IMAGES!)

The goal and reason behind this

The goal I wanted to reach this month is to be more aware of where my food and especially meat comes from but also to reduce my meat consumption. I know some of you will think ”Why not all the way vegetarian or vegan if you think it is so cruel..”, well because: eating meat doesn’t make you a bad person, a murderer, or an animal hater. Animals in the wild eat each other and kill each other for consumption too. We are basically animals too so we eat meat too. I think it is your very own choice if you want to eat meat or not. What I do want is that we are more conscious of  where our meat comes from and the process behind it.

What I also wanted to show myself is that there are other options besides meat. Most of the time we don’t realise there are  things we can eat instead of meat, that are also really nice. I think this part is very important to become a flexitarian or vegetarian, if you know that there are other nice and delicious options, your need for meat will decline.

The challange 

During  this month, I wanted to try all the diets (flexitarian, pescotarian, vegetarian and vegan), and every week I tried a new one. I went a little more ”extreme” every week. I can tell you one thing, it was surprisingly easy, and I was a person who used to consume meat everyday! Flexitarian (two days of meat a  week), pescotarian and vegetarian, were no problem for me at all. There were no cravings, which I was a little scared for. Only sometimes, I automatically wanted to grab a piece of meat or fish, but more out of habit than out of craving.

Unfortunatly, my vegan week  was horrible . I don’t want to sound pathetic, bcause I know that there are people who have a vegan life style and I only had to do it one week, but this just didn’t work for me. To be honest a week turned into a day. I quit  because  I was hungry all the time. This time I did have cravings and it just didn’t work out.


I am really happy with what I did because I really don’t feel like eating meat all the time anymore. I learned that there are other nice things besides meat and I am more conscious of the path my kfc bucket full of chicken wings had to take before it got to consumption. To be honest I think it is worth a try for everyone. It is not that hard and if you have no inspiration, go goolge vegetarian recipies or grab a cook book. At least give it a try  and if you don’t like it, go back to normal. In the end, I hope we all start  to realise  what happens to all the meat, before it lays on our plates so we can work on a cruelty free food industry, ❤

I know everyone has a different opinion about the meat/food industry on how it should be. This is my opinion and I  hope you will respect that, the same as I will respect yours. 





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