Review: Urban Decay Vice liquid lipstick

DISCLAIMER: I am neither a make-up artist, nor a beauty blogger!! I just do everything my own way (the Isabelle way, wich does not always mean it is the best way).

Hello everyone,

I have a mild obsession with lipsticks and especially liquid lipsticks. So I decided it was time to treat myself and add a new recruit to my (small) collection. Urban Decay has always drawn my attention as a brand and when I discovered they sold liquid lipstick, I totally went for it! Here is my opinion:


Packaging of 1993
Packaging 1993
The flask in which the liquid lipstick is packaged, is simple but nice, nothing bad to say about it.

Vice liquid lipstick 1993

The lipstick is matte and the colour looks very pretty and pigmented.

Foto 24-04-17 19 33 05
Swatch on my hand – 1993
What I like a lot about 1993, is that the colour isn’t too outstanding, but it is noticable. The lipstick itself also dries very quickly, is waterproof and of course long lasting.

Foto 24-04-17 19 18 28

Foto 24-04-17 19 23 39
Close up with flash
I would recommend vice liquid lipstick to all of you. The lipstick does what it is supposed to do (matte, waterproof, long lasting) and comes in many different shades. The price is $18 / €19,50.



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