Spring shopping haul

It’s been a while – thanks to school, but I am back, back with something new: A shopping haul! Hopefully it will give you some inspiration for spring and maybe even summer. Enjoy ❤

This time, I went for more a little bit more colourful clothing instead of the dark shades I always wear. So I bought two, t-shirts, the left from ZARA and the right one from Selected Femme, in light toned colours. They are just two basic shirts, but never wrong to have in your wardrobe.

Selected Femme t-shirt €20,00

ZARA t-shirt €12,95

Bestand 24-04-17 17 55 24

My favorite item for this season is my pink raincoat. It was sold out so many times, that I was literally hunting it.. Anyway, this rain coat is perfect for the rainy spring weather and keeps you dry any time. 😉

ZARA Rain coat €49,95

Next two things are trousers. I am absolutely loving these two extremely comfy trousers from ZARA (I realize almost everything I bought comes from ZARA whoops #addiction).

Black ZARA trousers €25,95

Beige ZARA trousers €25,95

Besides all the clothing I also bought a beauty product from Urban Decay. It’s the vice liquid lipstick in the shade 1993. I will do a review on this one later on ❤

Vice liquid lipstick 1993 €19,50


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