My trip to Amsterdam

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Last week I went to Amsterdam with my Art history class. Besides visiting the Palace on the Dam and the Rijksmuseum we were given a lot of spare time to wander around the city on our own. Ofcourse I took my camera to capture everything!

In the morning we went to the Palace on the Dam. Eventhough I have been to Amsterdam so many times, I have never seen the Palace on the Dam from the inside. We were guided by a woman who studied art history and she told us everything about the structure and history of the bulding. It was very interesting to me.


Fun fact: The Palace on the dam, used to be the town hall of Amsterdam in the 17th and 18th century


The two sculptures you see, are placed in the central hall. This Hall was meant for the citzens. The sculptures needed to show that Amsterdam was the most powerful and wealthy city in the world. On the floor maps of the world are shown.



What I find so beautiful about the building, is that it’s so detailed and symmeticral. I took a lot of pictures of the detailed ceilings and sculptures. It amazes me everytime.


After the guided tour, we had some time to walk around the city and have lunch. We went to the cutest little lunchroom :”De laatste kruimel” translated to English ”The last crumb”. They had everything there: cake, pies, sandwiches, quiche.. and besides that the inside was adorable.

The last guided tour took place in the Rijksmuseum. It was a short tour and we didn’t see a lot. But there is one portrait we didn’t miss…… the Nightwatch by Rembrandt!

When we were done with the two tours, we had some spare time. We wandered around the city, went for some shopping and ate our hearts out at the market halls.

This is the typical Amsterdam streetview. The canals, the houses, the bikes. I love it.

Of course we went out for a little shopping and because shopping is happines (and for those who think it’s not: you obviously don’t know where to shop!), I bought a sweater at Brandy

And last but not least, we had a delishious dinner at the Markthallen. It’s an indoor foodcourt. You can get a lot of different dishes and there also is a lot of choice for vegan or vegaterians.

I hoped you guys liked this. I took about 200+ pictures, but I could only a show you a small part. If you want to see more, you can check my  instagram page. And for those who want to see the places where I’ve been, here are the adresses:

Palace on the dam: Dam, 1012 KB Amsterdam
De laatste kruimel (The last crumb): Rijksmuseum:
De hallen (foodcourts):


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