Organization Tips


I am the most chaotic person in the world: clothes, books and trash are what you can find everywhere in my bedroom. But last week I decided to finally put an end to the mess: clean up and get organized. Until now, it’s the best thing I have ever done. Here are my tips to stay organized, eventhough you’re super messy and chaotic, just like me.

Tip 1

A clean room is a clean mind. My room used to be a mess. By mess I don’t mean a little pile of clothes on the floor, but a layer of clothes as floor. My schoolbooks where evrywhere but where they needed to be and I could hardly find them when I had to use them for school. So I decided to clean up my room. First I took the vacuum cleaner and made evrything dust free. I removed all the trash, I changed the sheets (nothing is better than sleeping in a fresh bed) and made sure all my clothes were in my wardrobe instead of on the floor. Then, the biggest obstacle: my desk, drawers and bookshelf. My desk was full of books, stationary, candles and plastic bottles, my drawers were full of old rubbish and my bookshelves were uncatagorized. But in the end, I managed to clean it up, the result is down here 🙂

Speaking about decoration, my desk has nothing but a fake cactus (I always forget watering my plants oops…), a scented candle and a cup for my pencils. This is very nice while studying because there is no mess to distract me. I think this is the most important step to being organized.

On the Left, my drawers: Above, the stationary stuff, in the middle all the beauty stuff and at the bottom, important documents. This works oud really good for me, because I have everything in one place and when I need it I don’t have to search through all the other rubbish. On the right my bookshelve. At the top I have some cute decorations, in the middle my books and at the bottom my schoolbooks and notebooks.

Tip 2 

For me a daily planner doesn’t work. But still I need to have a place where I can write down important activities, such as: work, tests, chillings with friends and other appointments. I decided to make a weekly planner myself instead of buying one, and until now, it works out pretty well. Just let the creativity flow: make your own design and use as many colours as you want. It’s really simple. Here’s an example of mine:

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

I used pink for my tests, green for work and purple for my deadlines. Since now, my planner is always on my desk and I will never forget my appointments.

Tip 3 

My school stationary used to be a mess too. My notebooks had no structure and I could hardly find my notes back when I needed them. Nowadays I use a different highlighter and fineliner fot every subject. I try to work It’s easier to find the important things back and your notes will look more satisfying than ever.

Tip 4

Treat yourself with pretty stationary. It’s more of a side tip, but it helped me. It sounds weird but I have the feeling studying get’s more attractive with pretty notebooks. It also gives me more motivation to keep my notes organized.

As I already said: a well organized room , means a well organized mind. Whether it’s school or work, an organized room makes everything much easier and more fun.





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