Vietnamese pho

To me travelling, means so much more than only visiting a country. It means discovering beautiful cities, places you would expect to never go to. It means adventure and experiencing things that are above or maybe under your expectations. It means discovering different cultures and therefore discovering new food.

Although I have to admit I have never visited Asia, I am deeply in love with the Asian cuisine. Also I have to admit I am a terrible cook and a lot of recipes are easily too hard for me. So why would you even try to make pho then? Well, I got a very easy and simplified version of it, I can make it, so you can too. 😉

Need for two servings:

  • Vegtables, you can choose everything you like and you can choose as much veggies as you like, but I used: paprika, a vegtable (mix if you’re lazy like me), bean sprouts and snow peas
  • 1 red pepper
  • 1 boullion cube 
  • rice noodles

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset


Step 1: Cut the pepper in small pieces. (you can decide how spicy you want it, the
more pepper, the more spicier)
Step 2: Put the stock cube and the pepper in a pan with boiling water. Let it boil
Let it boil for ten minutes.
Step 3: Cut the veggies and put them in the pan with boiling water.
Step 4: When once the vegtables are cooked, put in the rice noodles.

Put the pho in some cute little bowls and voila, a simple but delicious lunch or

Bon appetit, Chúc ngon miệng 

Ps: the recipe is easy to adjust to your preferences, you can vary between amounts.


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